How are Sea Cucumbers Used? – Here’s All You Must Know

How are sea cucumbers used

Sea cucumber is considered as a delicacy which has primarily been involved in Asian cultures. It is exactly not as the name sounds. Basically, it is a marine animal which resides on the sea floors throughout the world. But it’s massive strength is found in the pacific ocean. Generally, it’s species is found in the pacific ocean. If you look at it’s species which exactly gives you the feeling of a caterpillar or some large worm which is soft in touch and has tubular bodies. Now the question is – How are sea cucumbers used? Let’s dig into it.

Use of Sea Cucumber –

This sea cucumber is used in different ways such as food to medical intrigrient which has been followed in Asian and Middle Eastern countries for centuries. Many people used these sea cucumbers for making different recipes like soups, stews, and stir-fries. Whereas, few choose to eat it raw, pickled or fried. Sometimes, people love to merge it with winter melon, Chinese cabbage and shiitake mushrooms. 

It has been seen for centuries that the wealthiest class would eat the animals as a nutritious high  – protein treat. Although, it wasn’t before the 1980’s that erupted.  A developing middle class in China meant more people could afford the luxury. Nowadays they’re typically dried and packaged in ornate boxes, then given as gifts and served on special occasions which turns out to be an expensive gift. 

Apart from the presentation, cucumber connoisseurs also have thick, chewy bodies and to a lesser extent, taste. However, the experience of eating them is only part of their appeal. These sea cucumbers have turned out where it contains high levels of a chemical known as fucosylated glycosaminoglycan in their skin, which people across Asia have been using to treat joint problems like arthritis for centuries, and more recently in Europe where people started using it to treat particular cancers and to lowers blood clots. The sea cucumbers are known by anyone, everyone due to its medical benefits. Now the craze has been reached so high that Morocco to the United States to Papua New Guinea, Everyone wants in on the sea cucumber trade. 

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